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Ioannis Papadopoulos

    Ιωάννης Παπαδόπουλος

    Εισηγητής για τα Πράσινα σημεία και ρεύματα ανακύκλωσης στον Άξονα Κυκλική Οικονομία & Διαχείριση Αποβλήτων

    I was born in Kalamata, in 1952.

    I went to school in Kalamata and then, I studied chemistry at the University of Patras.

    In 1983, I started working at the Municipality of Kalamata, serving multiple roles. In 2005, I was placed in the department of waste management, and from 2010 until the end of my official duties in 2019, I had the responsibility of the head of the waste management department.

    During my official duties in the waste management sector, I studied and got experience in relevant international practices to be able to face the modern challenges concerning legal and environmentally friendly waste management. To achieve this goal, we successfully put into practice all the legal streams of different kinds of alternative waste management, while also creating more useful currents beyond the legislation. Further, we implemented the method of mechanical separation – biological treatment concerning the rest of municipal waste after the selection of recyclable. Despite this approach was not perfect due to the complete lack of necessary infrastructure in the Region of Peloponnese, we used this as a temporary solution to the waste management problem until the implementation of planned central waste management at the regional level.