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Anastasia Kyriakopoulou

    Αναστασία Κυριακοπούλου

    Εισηγήτρια για την Στάθμευση στον Άξονα Μεταφορές – Αστική Κινητικότητα

    Graduate of the School of Civil Engineering, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, specializing in environmental planning, environmental impact assessment and waste management.

    She has excellent Knowledge of French and a good knowledge of the English Language. She currently holds the position of Head of the Construction Control Department of the City Planning Department in the Municipality of Kalamata.


    She has been the Head of the Technical Services Department at the Department of Transportation & Administrative Support of the Municipality of Kalamata and was responsible for planning, scheduling and creating an important transport project to serve the movement of residents of the Municipality of Kalamata, especially special groups, i.e. people with disabilities, the elderly, children).


    It has a significant social presence in the city with active participation in cultural, social and political issues, with particular involvement in the institutional representation of sectoral Unions. In particular, he is a member of the delegation of the TEE of the Peloponnese Regional Department, President of N.E. TEE Peloponnese, Member of the delegation of the central TEE, Member of the delegation of the Association of Civil Servants of Graduate Schools [EMDYDAS], General Secretary of D.E. EMDYDAS Peloponnese, Secretary of the Board Union of Employees of the Prefecture of Messinia and Elected Member of the Service Council of the Local Authorities of the Prefecture of Messinia. He has also contributed significantly to the organization of important informative and scientific actions related to technical and socio-economic issues.