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Vassilios Koutrafouris

    Βασίλειος Κουτραφούρης

    Εισηγητής για την Αξιοποίηση και τον Βιοκλιματικό Σχεδιασμό Δημόσιου Χώρου στον Άξονα Πολεοδομικός Σχεδιασμός και Αστικό Περιβάλλον

    Civil Engineer, Graduate of the Faculty of Civil Engineering, NTUA with postgraduate studies in the School of Sciences and Technology of EAP in “Environmental Planning of Cities and Buildings”.

    He is Vice President of the Technical Chamber,P.U.Messinia, President of the Association of Civil Engineers of the Prefecture of Messinia and Member of the Delegation of the Technical Chamber of Greecein Peloponnese.

    Since 2013 he works as a freelancer Engineer and runs a technical office in Kalamata. Since 2020 he has taken over the duties of Special Advisor in the Municipality of Kalamata. At the same time, he is a member of Scientific Committees of the Technical Chamber of Peloponnese, such as “Urban Planning – Architectural Issues – Land Registry”, “Environment – Spatial Planning – Infrastructure – Energy” and “Regional Development – Management of National & European Programs”.

    Participates in initiative”Mission Kalamata”, as a speaker in the thematic section “UTILIZATION OF PUBLIC SPACE AND BIOCLIMATIC INTERVENTIONS”. in the axis “Urban Planning & Urban Environment”.