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Αρχική » Ιστολόγιο » Vasilis Papaeftatheiou

Vasilis Papaeftatheiou

    Παπαευσταθίου Βασίλης

    Συντονιστής του Άξονα Μεταφορές – Αστική Κινητικότητα

    Graduate of the School of Civil Engineering NTUA with postgraduate studies at the School of Architecture NTUA, MSc Architecture / Urban Planning and the School of Techn. Applications of EAP in MSc Environmental Design of Cities and Buildings. He is a PhD candidate in NTUA Architecture.

    He is the co-founder of the interdisciplinary team Eu-topos, which organized the exhibition Imagine the City: Kalamata 2015, and undertakes actions to encourage research and dialogue to highlight the value of public space in Kalamata.

    Participates and co-organizes voluntary initiatives, such as Kalamatamove, an interactive platform for the movement of the disabled in Kalamata, which aims to improve the accessibility of the city and the Voices over the Buildings, an electronic database for recording and highlighting important buildings in Kalama for their preservation and rescue